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Q. How can I determine if I have hearing loss?

A. Some of the most common first signs of hearing loss include: having to often ask people to repeat themselves, listening to audio at higher volumes than previously, and having difficulty understanding conversations when there is background noise. All of these point to hearing loss. However, the only way to truly know the facts about your hearing health is to schedule a hearing screening. At Audiology and Vestibular Center, we can provide you with a free hearing screening to determine if you have any form of hearing loss, and if so, the next steps to make in order to take control of your hearing health.

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Hearing Myths

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MYTH: Everyone will notice and stare at my hearing aids.
FACT: Hearing devices are no longer large bulky devices. They have become sleek and discreet pieces of technology. Most often, people around you will never even notice you are wearing a hearing device.
MYTH: My hearing loss has not reached a level that requires a hearing device.
FACT: Hearing loss is not something that should be left untreated, since it can become progressively worse even faster without treatment. Hearing devices are now available to treat almost all forms and severity of hearing loss. The sooner you are able to confront your hearing loss, the easier it will be to transition into wearing hearing devices.
MYTH: Once I have having hearing aids, I don’t need to return to the audiologist.
FACT: Being fitted with hearing devices isn’t the end of your hearing health journey. It’s important to schedule annual hearing screenings and routine device cleanings and maintenance so that you can continue to get the best results from your hearing aids.
MYTH: All I need is one hearing device.
FACT: There are cases where a person may only need one hearing device, but most commonly hearing loss is present in both ears. With wearing devices in both ears, you will find that you get better clarity and better sense of the direction and distance of sounds.

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