Hearing Aids at the Audiology and Vestibular Center

At Audiology and Vestibular Center, we take pride in offering a variety of hearing device styles to fit all of our patients’ unique needs. We offer devices that fit behind-the-ear to devices that are custom fit to your ear canal. All styles provide state-of-the-art sound quality while remaining comfortable and discreet.

Hearing devices are advanced pieces of technology and come equipped with a range of features. Devices are usually water resistant. They can provide audio streaming from your television, smartphone, and other devices. You are even able to control your devices though your smartphone so you can make adjustments to give you the best listening experience based on your environment.

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Hearing aids in hand

Hearing Device Styles Include:

Behind-the-ear (BTE) This hearing aid is hidden behind the ear and has a clear tube that hooks around the top. BTE hearing aid
Receiver-in-the-ear (RIC) Similar to the BTE, this sits behind the ear, but has a receiver that is inserted into the ear canal. Received in canal hearing aid
In-the-ear (ITE) This hearing aid sits on the outer portion of the inner ear. ITE hearing aid
In-the-canal (ITC) This hearing aid is fitted and sits inside of the ear canal. ITC hearing aid
Completely-in-the-canal (CIC) This is the smallest hearing device. It requires a custom fitting and is inserted deep into the ear canal. IIC hearing aid
Dirty hearing aids

Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

Since your hearing devices go with you everywhere, it’s only natural that they’ll experience some wear and tear. We recommend that you schedule routine service and cleaning on your hearing devices in order to keep them in great shape and allow you to get the most out of them.

If something were to happen to your hearing devices, we are able to fully service all makes and models right in our office with short turnaround times. Some repairs can even be done on the same day so you won’t have to spend time without your hearing aids.

We also work with Ear Service Corporation (ESCO) to ensure your devices are protected.

EarQ Secure Warranty

The EarQ 4-Year Secure Warranty

In order to provide you more value and protection for your hearing aids, we offer the EarQ 4-year Secure Warranty. This guarantees your investment is safe with the longest warranty on hearing instruments available. With the Secure Warranty, repairs on EarQ hearing devices are covered at no cost to you. You can have peace of mind knowing that the devices that provide you with an improved quality of life are secure.



Hearing well is an investment you make in yourself and in your quality of living. A hearing loss can be emotionally, physically, and financially taxing. However, the rewards from hearing better every day can dramatically improve your life and transform your relationships. Hearing aids come in different levels of technology available to meet different budgetary needs. Our office also offers 12-month no interest financing through CareCredit.

Hearing Aid Brands

We work with all major hearing aid manufacturers including:

Oticon logo Siemens logo ReSound logo Starkey logo Widex logo EarQ logo


We also work with Phonak, Bernafon, Sonic Innovations, Rexton, and Unitron.

We only use the most sophisticated and innovative hearing instruments in the industry.

Amplified telephone

Assistive Listening Devices

Our office is also an approved site for dispensing free amplified telephone equipment through the Center for Independent Living of South Florida.

Additionally, we can provide television/theatre infrared systems as well as musicians earplugs and monitors.

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